suwan kongkhunthian (founder/director)

Suwan Kongkhunthien"The language of design is universal. Basic forms transcend the traditional boundaries of culture."

Suwan is a leading Thai personality widely admired for his distinctive design style. His furniture design had won multiple accolades at the Cologne Furniture Fair and in Japan. Preferring to work hands-on with materials, Suwan possesses the gift to transform materials from their raw beauty to fine contemporary works of art.

susie tay (founder/ceo)

Susie Tay"If THELIFESHOP was a woman, she would be a caring mother, a romantic dreamer and a vivacious lover of LIFE..."

In the late 80's, Susie noticed a wide gap in western-designer furniture versus the poor copies from Asia. Armed with a Bachelor Degree in Arts (Architecture) and a Diploma in International Marketing, Susie combines business acumen with design instinct and began her quest to bring 'made-in-Asia, designed-by-Asian' works on par with leading western creations in the international furniture industry. THELIFESHOP was created as "The Original Asian Brand" that embodies the spirit of Asian heritage in modern lifestyle concepts.

matee boonkerd (designer)

Suwan Kongkhunthien"When I design a chair, my creation takes on a modern form and I gave it an Asian spirit. Asian designs have crossed the language barrier to become a global style."

Matee graduated from the prestigious Silipakorn University (Thailand) with a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design. His cosmopolitan outlook and Asian roots have given him a unique New Asian approach to design. The soft spoken designer is also an artist. His paintings have been featured in many modern home interiors and often reflect his preference for simple forms and earthly colors.

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