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Our Manifesto

THELIFESHOP presents our concept of green living which revolves around the best elements of the Asian culture. We have been leading a design renaissance by introducing the world to New Asian design, a unique potpourri of cultural heritage from the mystic traditions of the Orient to Zen minimalism, from the sensual expressions of the Far East to the ethnic splendor of the Indies. Our philosophy of happiness stems from a marriage between fashionable Western modernity and endless play of exotic Eastern expressions, whilst never taking Mother Nature’s gift to our everyday lives for granted. We invite you to join us in celebrating a culture of East-West fusion, treasuring a planet we can sustain, fostering friendships without borders and learning languages without barriers. Embark on a journey in understanding, enjoying and loving LIFE, and immerse yourself in a New Asian way of life as you step into our world of Asiatic charm, tranquility, and love for our planet.

Our Mission

The mission of THELIFESHOP is in the search for "the meaning of LIFE"; the very essence of this project is in understanding LIFE, enjoying and loving LIFE, and ultimately, improving LIFE through lifestyle. This quest for LIFE runs in the firm's idealogy; and will be reflected in the activities of THELIFESHOP. With people as her main stem of existence, THELIFESHOP strives to promote traditional values like Humanity, Friendship, Family Ties and Community Spirit.

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The Team

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